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Blood Sugar Reset Bundle

Stable blood sugar isn’t just important for people with diabetes–it’s a core pillar of health! Learn how to reduce your cravings, boost your energy, support your mood, and lower your risk of chronic disease with our 40-day Blood Sugar Reset Bundle.

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Why Reset Your
Blood Sugar?

Conquer cravings and mood imbalances.

Spikes and drops in blood sugar levels put you on a constant roller coaster of mood swings, cravings, and fatigue. Our reset bundle helps you break free of those symptoms with meal plans designed to help reduce cravings and maintain a balanced mood.

Live a more balanced life.

Blood sugar imbalances not only increase risk of chronic disease, but they are also directly tied to your cognitive function, weight, and hormone levels. By eating low glycemic recipes, see how blood sugar affects every aspect of your health.

Feel more confident in your food choices.

Balancing blood sugar isn’t always easy. Do you cut out carbs or increase your protein intake? We take the guesswork out of cooking with simple meal prep, shopping guides, and recipes that support stable blood sugar without removing all carbs. And we make it fun and delicious!

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What’s Included?

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40 days of simple, nutrient-dense, low-glycemic meals.

Our bundle includes 40 days of recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks that have been tested on a Levels Continuous Glucose Monitor and proven to promote balanced blood sugar levels. You’ll get a grocery shopping list, meal prep, and assembly instructions for implementing a whole month of nutritious, balanced meals.

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Educational recordings on supporting lower blood sugar levels.

We’ll send you 10 video recordings of our functional medicine nutritionists discussing the importance of stable blood sugar and how to make nutritional and lifestyle changes to support it.

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Daily tips for blood sugar control.

Beating cravings and adjusting eating habits can be hard. We support you with 20 daily tips that encourage you to implement simple strategies and start living a more balanced life.

A good life starts with
better health.

Meet some of our clients who have transformed their health and their lives with our Blood Sugar Reset Bundle.

Emily F.
The Blood Sugar Reset Bundle helped me lower my fasting blood sugar, reduce cravings, and stop grazing constantly. I have clearer skin, and I loved these great recipes. Now I want to get a CGM to better follow how my body reacts to food.
Emily F.
Emily F.
Blood Sugar Reset Bundle
Linda A.
My husband and I both are feeling less bloated each day and have each dropped a couple of pounds, which was unexpected. We’re sleeping better at night, as well. We’re planning to continue to use these recipes and principles even after the reset is over.
Linda A.
Linda A.
Blood Sugar Reset Bundle
Cynthia L.
After this program, I am feeling less bloated, and my cravings have disappeared. I loved knowing what I was going to eat for each meal. It took the guesswork and stress out of deciding what to make. The meals were delicious. I have never had so much nut butter in my life. I love it but was always afraid of the fat and calories! Cheers to adding it into my daily meals! So many great tips to help us get through the holidays healthier and with balanced blood sugar. Thank you!
Cynthia L.
Cynthia L.
Blood Sugar Reset Bundle

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? Here are some helpful FAQs and answers about our Blood Sugar Reset Bundle.

Can I do the Blood Sugar Reset while breastfeeding?

Our Blood Sugar Reset Bundle includes 40 days of nutrient-dense, low-glycemic meals that are 1,600 calories at baseline. While we don’t encourage calorie counting you may need to make modifications to our meals to ensure you’re meeting your caloric needs. Check with your doctor.

Can I do the Blood Sugar Reset if I have diabetes?

The low-glycemic recipes included in our Blood Sugar Reset Bundle are designed to help improve insulin resistance and balance blood sugar levels. If your insulin sensitivity changes during the program, you may need to check with your doctor to adjust your medications.

Is there a plant-based option?

The recipes in our bundle include fish, meat, and eggs, but you can modify them with plant-based ingredients. Just be sure you’re meeting your caloric needs.

Can I modify the recipes if I can’t eat or don’t like an ingredient?

Yes! All of the included recipes are simple and easily modified to fit your taste preferences and diet requirements.

Can I switch the order of the meals?

Yes! The bundle includes 40 days of meals designed to support stable blood sugar levels throughout the day, but you can easily swap breakfast for lunch and vice versa.

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