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Welcome to Being

Let’s find health together.

We help you restore health through individual, group, and corporate personalized nutrition programs. Improve your symptoms and labs, change your relationship with food, and show up for your life more fully.

Who We Are

Building the foundation for a more vibrant life starting with your plate.

Adopting food as medicine is the key to living a healthier, more energetic life. Our team of functional medicine registered dietitians offer powerful knowledge, support, accountability and personalized roadmaps for taking ownership of your health.

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What We Do

Fueling health with food.

The food you eat has the power to either nourish, heal, and energize or feed inflammation and disease. We teach you how to use food as medicine to optimize your health and your life with nutrition coaching, virtual courses, guides, nutritious recipes, and more.

Being Functional Nutrition was founded by expert functional medicine dietitian, Brigid Titgemeier who has worked with thousands of clients and supports high performing executives. Brigid was previously a founding dietitian at the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine and co-created a functional nutrition course at Case Western Reserve School of Medicine.

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Our Results

You are worthy of better health!

Everyone who has joined our programs sees improvements in their chronic conditions and symptoms like joint pain, fatigue, and mood issues. 100% have reported changes in 10 weeks:

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Cognitive Symptoms

Brain fog, poor memory, poor concentration, stuttering, poor balance, etc.

Digestive Symptoms

Bloating, gas, acid reflux, diarrhea, constipation, nausea, abdominal pain, etc.

Joint Pain & Stiffness

Joint pain, muscle pain, stiffness, arthritis, etc.

Mental Health Symptoms

Anxiety, depression, mood swings, anger, etc.

Weight Loss

8.9 lbs.

Waist Circumference

1.41 in.
Dr. Mark Hyman
Food is the most powerful medicine, and having a knowledgeable functional nutritionist guiding you on your journey is critical for achieving success. Brigid worked with me as a Functional Registered Dietitian Nutritionist for several years, and I've recommended her to hundreds of patients. Her nutrition programs provide the support and personalization needed to improve their health, and I'm confident she can help improve yours, too.
Dr. Mark Hyman
Dr. Mark Hyman
Founder of the UltraWellness Center and Fourteen-time New York Times Bestselling Author

How We Work

Bridging the gap between food and health.


Invest in

Join one of our personalized health programs or courses to proactively invest in yourself and learn how to use food as medicine.


Get the education and support you need.

Our individual plans and step-by-step guides help you fight inflammation, balance blood sugar, improve gut health, and address nutrient deficiencies.


Create optimal health together.

With support and guidance from the Being community, you’ll feel empowered and confident in your ability to transform your health long-term.

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