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Who We Are

Empowering you to make radical changes for an optimal life.

We help you use food as the first line of intervention to fuel and restore your health and change your life.

How It Started

Food truly is medicine

Hi! I'm Brigid Titgemeier, founder of Being Functional Nutrition. Seventeen years ago, I struggled to stay awake for my life, falling asleep nearly every hour of every day. I suffered from 20-30 mini-seizures a day and was diagnosed with narcolepsy, a neurological autoimmune disorder. My neurologist pulled out his prescription pad and sentenced me to a life on medication.  

I remember my doctor adamantly saying, "Nutrition has nothing to do with your condition." But because my parents had the courage to explore options outside of pharmaceuticals, that wasn’t my story. 

Within four weeks of seeing a functional medicine doctor and implementing the diet, supplement, and lifestyle changes she recommended, my symptoms started improving. My seizures were becoming less frequent, and I stayed awake for an entire car ride home. And after years of tweaks and consistency, my seizures are in remission and my energy is maintained with very little medical management.

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Even at 16 years old, my intuition told me that hundreds of thousands of others like me could improve their conditions, eliminate symptoms, and restore health by leveraging the power of nutrition and lifestyle. But most aren’t given the opportunity in the conventional medicine system. 

I built Being Functional Nutrition to help change your story and health trajectory. We give you the education, personalization, and support that I never had in my own journey in order for you to take back control of your health. Nutrition belongs at the center of your healthcare, and we’re committed to helping you use food as medicine to change your life.

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Our Approach

Helping you create the foundation for a more vibrant future self

Personalize your nutritional needs

Ever wonder why the latest fad diet isn’t working for you? That’s because nutrition isn’t a one-size-fits-all. You need a plan that works with your body chemistry and lifestyle habits to optimize your health to the fullest. Our personal health programs and nutrition education help you connect what’s happening in your body with the food on your plate.

Emphasize nutrition as medicine

The research is clear: nutrition plays a critical role in either fueling disease or promoting health. Nutrition-related diseases are the largest public health epidemic of our time. 7 out of 10 of the leading causes of death in the US are driven by poor nutrition. We’ll show you how powerful you can feel when you use food to restore and maintain health.

Change your mindset from dieting to nourishment

Optimal nutrition isn’t about counting calories and having a restrictive diet. It’s about setting an intention to nourish every cell in your body with food that is optimal for you.

Apply the latest science and data

Our highly educated and experienced functional medicine registered dietitians use the latest science on nutrition, clinical experience, and data to substantiate progress. That doesn’t just mean reading research studies that are based on thousands of people–it also means looking under the hood at your personal data and supporting your unique needs.

Focus on the core contributors to health

You can’t optimize your health with food alone. We guide you to achieve optimal health by addressing all aspects of your life: personal nutrition, sleep, stress, relationships, self-image, mindset, and movement.

Build community

Healing is easier in a supportive environment. At Being, we create a community of support and encouragement to help celebrate your wins and navigate your struggles on your journey to health. You’re not on this journey alone!

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Our Team

Your Team of Functional Medicine Registered Dietitians

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Brigid Titgemeier
We focus on the root cause of your symptoms and health conditions so that you can feel your absolute best when you wake up each morning. You ARE worth the commitment!
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Michelle Sirmons
Changing your mindset and relationship with food is the best investment you can make in yourself that will continue to yield results year after year after year.
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Jamie Foti
When you understand what’s going on in your body and the science behind how food affects your quality of life, you’re better able to harness its power and take your health to the next level.
Christina Palmisano


Christina Palmisano
People who have an empowering support network typically achieve their fullest potential. Combining that support with a health plan that’s unique to their nutritional needs yields 10 times the results. We’re bridging that gap.
Amanda S.
The Being team gave me both the knowledge and confidence I needed to take full control over my health and know that I am in charge. I now view my food as nourishment and enjoy working towards my goals. I’ve lowered my HgA1c for the first time in forever, from 5.6 to 5.3!
Amanda S.
Amanda S.
My Food is Health Program
Kendra W.
Before completing the My Food is Health program, I was willing to do anything to lose weight. But now, I’ve shifted to focusing more on how food makes me feel. I’m less restrictive with my food choices, I’ve lost 3 inches in my waist, and I haven’t had a food rash ever since!
Kendra W.
Kendra W.
My Food is Health Program
Dee W.
For the first time in my life, I’ve accepted that I am worthy of loving and caring for myself too. I haven’t slept in years, and now I sleep so well that coffee isn’t important to me! I no longer obsess over food as a diet, but now as a lifestyle. The Being team’s kindness and overall approach makes transforming your health so doable.
Dee W.
Dee W.
Blood Sugar Reset Bundle