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How to Choose Low Glycemic, Anti-Inflammatory Meals When Dining Out

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by: Brigid Titgemeier MS, RDN, LD, IFNCP  |  July 18, 2023

Without a doubt, going out to eat can be overwhelming. Likely, you're juggling that feeling of wanting to enjoy yourself while also keeping health goals in mind. At Being, we're strong believers that you can absolutely do both. You undoubtedly have the power to own knowledge that will guide you confidently towards your choices.

Strategies to dine out confidently.

Don't go hungry.

Ever go to a restaurant hungry and order half the appetizers?! Just me?! I know we've all been there. Aim to eat a satiating snack 1-1.5 hours before you head to the meal and I hear you can even lower your risk of catching something called 'hanger' 😉

Survey your options.

This could mean checking out the menu ahead of time or evaluating your buffet choices before starting to plate. Aiming to incorporate a protein & veggie at the meal is a great place to start as it supports satiety and blood sugar. And then, for instance, you can mindfully decide whether you want to go with a glass of wine or a dessert or the bread instead of all three. The goal is to make your experience enjoyable without derailing the health outcomes you've been working so hard to achieve.

Order first.

Peer pressure can be so real, especially when it comes to food. Drown out the noise & be the first to order. Know that any judgment that someone has about your food choices is not reflective of you but instead is about the person making the judgment.

Perfection is not the goal.

Know that it's OK for that meal to be not on par with what you ay have made at home when it comes to nutrient density or supporting your personal health goals. It's not an all or nothing situation. Don't throw in the towel if it feels that you can't 'eat perfectly' - do the best you can to better support how you'll feel afterwards. For one step-by-step strategy on how to master this, our Eating Out Guide has everything you need!



When thinking about nutrition or overall health outcomes, a lot of the focus is on the food itself. However, mindfulness around food plays a huge role in successfully reaching health outcomes.

Reflect on how you want to feel after.

Before heading out to eat, reflect on how you want to feel after - whether that's 1-2 hours after the event or even the next morning. It will help you more consciously choose the foods that will fuel you vs being swept up in some of the choices that won't.

Incorporate a mantra.

Reinforce it on your way to the meal. This mini habit can help to mindfully tune into your choices. Here are a few of our favorites:

  1. I am making choices that are in the best interest of my future self.
  2. The small choices that I make today have a big influence on my future health goals.
  3. I have the knowledge to make choices that will be both fueling & delicious.

Take a deep breath.

This mental moment before beginning your meal can be invaluable. This will allow you to check in with your mantra & more mindfully enjoy your meal. It can also help with tuning into when you truly feel satiated and reduce the chance of overeating & the discomfort that comes with that.


The people who are most successful in achieving their health goals have two things in common: 1) they leverage what is in their control and 2) they have a very high Bounce Back Ability (BBA). The higher your BBA, the more consistent you will be with your choices and the better your health results will be long-term.

Going out tonight?! You've got this. And we've got you - download our free Eating Out Guide for 35 pages of strategies to help you feel more successful and in control when eating out.

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