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Meal Planning + Coaching

The Being Collective

Reduce cravings, improve energy and support your metabolism by balancing your blood sugar. And keep it going! With our personalized meal planning tool, you create a weekly plan and get instant grocery lists, coaching and an incredible community sharing one goal: eating for health.

Do you struggle with...

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or Defeat

How to stay on track, together.

We plan for you–and support you.

Meal planning can take a lot of thinking and prepping. We do that for you! We plan and list, you shop and make–and of course, enjoy! Weekly coaching and your always-there community are behind you all the way, so you can learn and get more consistent every week.

You feel confident, in control–and inspired!

We take the guesswork out of recipes by giving you hundreds of tasty, dietitian-crafted, blood sugar balancing recipes that have been tested on a CGM–filterable by special dietary needs, like allergies and preferences. They each take 20 minutes or less to make, are nutritious and taste absolutely delicious!

You keep steady, and feel great too.

Soon enough, you’ll find a feel-good rhythm week to week. You’ll feel accomplished when the shopping is done and you may even find a new joy in cooking. More energy, less cravings, a better mood (and the support of your incredible community) help keep you going.

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What’s Included?

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Hundreds of Blood Sugar Balancing Recipes

Browse our ever-growing bank of delicious blood sugar balancing recipes crafted by our dietitians and tested on a CGM. Have a food sensitivity or restriction? Need family friendly ideas? Filter accordingly and adjust serving sizes!

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Meal Plans +
Shopping Lists

Simply add our exclusive recipes into a mouthwatering weekly meal plan that generates your grocery list instantly. Shop, prep, eat and enjoy all the health benefits of a balanced meal schedule.

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Coaching + Community

Expert coaching on mindset, strategies and smart hacks, as well as community motivation, help carry you through moments of questioning or shaky confidence. Everyone gets off track sometimes, but being around others with common objectives helps you achieve your goals too!

A balanced life,

long term, is possible.

Meet some of our clients who have transformed their health and their lives by using food as food as medicine to fuel their optimal health.

Lizzie M.
I’ve lost 7-9 lbs following The Being Collective recipes. I’ve gained mental clarity and energy. I’m making things I never would have tried and realizing how much I love the healthy meals. With what feels like my blood sugar stabilizing, I’ve noticed my anxiety has decreased and my quality of sleep has improved. It’s easy for me to implement the recipes!
Lizzie M.
Lizzie M.
The Being Collective Member
Female subject on grey background
I shared some of what I’ve learned with my daughter whose Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) symptoms were flaring since catching Covid last year. The meals I prepared from Brigid’s recipes were an inspiration to her. On her own, she started following the guidance on blood sugar balance. Her POTS symptoms have vanished and she’s proud of what she’s accomplished. Thank you and your team for sharing your knowledge–it has changed both of our lives.
Female subject on grey background
Kathleen D.
The Being Collective Member
Female subject on grey background
Even though I am not diabetic or even pre-diabetic, controlling my blood sugars has improved so much about my body and how I feel, including postmenopausal symptoms, bowels, energy levels, sleep and more. It’s sustainable for me because I can change up the recipes and add variety to keep things appetizing. The community aspect is so wonderful too.
Female subject on grey background
Barbara T. G.
The Being Collective Member
Female subject on grey background
Brigid’s team has given me such an amazing start to my bank of recipes, and now, I’ve learned enough that I can even make some of my own! Sticking with the concepts they’ve taught me has been truly life changing for my food energy and body composition.
Female subject on grey background
Janel G.
The Being Collective Member

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? Here are some helpful FAQs and answers about The Being Collective.

I don't eat ________. Can I still be a part of The Being Collective?

Our tools and community are personalized, so we cater to many different dietary needs. For example, you’ll be able to filter by most dietary restrictions. We also provide a swap bank so you can swap out ingredients in certain recipes for ones that work for you, like switching out an animal ingredient for a vegan substitute.

Will this work for me even if I eat out a lot or have a busy social life?

Yes! We can help you plan for outings just as we can help you plan to meal prep. The Being Collective helps you to visualize what your schedule looks like, so you can plan what to order when you eat out and be more intentional about your meals when eating in. After all, it’s all about flexibility, right?!

Is The Being Collective family friendly?

We offer lots of family friendly meals that are “kid approved” by many of our clients and our own team members’ children. Plus you can adjust serving sizes in our recipes to accommodate for any family size. Our community also has helpful tips, sharing ways they’ve incorporated our recipes into their family meal times.

How is this different from other meal planning services?

Our exclusive recipes are easy to make, taste wonderful and help you use food as medicine. They are strategically formulated, dietitian approved and have been tested on a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) so you can be sure they can help balance your blood sugar. But we are so much more than recipes in a meal planning tool. 

Connect with others in our community that have the same goals (and struggles and questions!) as you do. Continue learning with educational modules and a weekly Q&A session that you can watch later if you miss the live event. We also help you plan for dining out, dessert, alcoholic beverages and specific objectives (like eating meals with more carbs) to make this more realistic as a long term lifestyle. 

Our expert coaching and community are here to help keep you learning, striving, motivated and feeling great about what you’re accomplishing. You don’t feel alone, and even when you’re feeling defeated, you have a community to lift you up and help you stay consistent.

How difficult are the meals? I don't have a lot of time and/or I don't like to cook.

All of our recipes are 20 minutes of hands-on time, or less, with most being about 5-10 minutes of hands-on time! This is a perfect solution if you love delicious food but don’t have time or motivation for an intensive recipe at every meal. It’s also great if you like to cook, but struggle to stay on top of a meal plan week to week.

Do I need a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) to participate?

Not at all! A CGM is helpful for seeing your personal response to food, but not required. Blood sugar response data via CGM will be provided within most recipes, so you have a general idea of someone else’s response. It’s not a perfect science but gives you a general idea that the recipe can support stable blood sugar levels. 

However, if you do incorporate a CGM into your healthy eating practice, one thing that’s important to keep in mind is that CGM data varies. It differs from person to person and sometimes even the same person can get a different reading depending on several factors like when they ate the meal, their stress levels at the time, their quality of sleep and more. We test all of our recipes, but please note there will be (and should be) variation.

Is this a diet and/or weight loss plan?

All of our recipes support optimal weight, but are more intended to help you use food to fuel your health consistently, long term. We do provide nutritional information for every recipe.

What is the cost? Do I get a discount if I subscribe for longer?

The Being Collective is a membership based meal planning tool and community. The price is $35 per month. You can cancel anytime.

To save, try a quarterly plan for $90 per quarter. It saves you $5 per month. A yearly plan is only $270, which saves you $150 for the year!

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

For monthly members, you can cancel at any time through the membership portal. After canceling your subscription, you will continue to have access to your account until the end of your current billing period. We do not offer refunds. 

For quarterly and annual members, you can cancel your subscription at any time through the membership portal. After canceling your subscription, you will continue to have access to your account until the end of your current billing period. We do not offer refunds.

Ready to Find Consistency?

Learn how to keep your blood sugar balanced for a more stable, energetic life.

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