My Food is Health Program Application for August 2024 program dates

Welcome to possibility! This application helps us determine whether you would be a good fit for My Food Is Health and most importantly whether we can help you achieve your health goals.

We review each application each time we open a new class so please fill out this form even if you've filled one out before. 

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Once you submit your application, you'll hear back regarding acceptance within 4 days. Upon acceptance, you'll have 3 days to make your deposit to reserve your place in the program. Acceptance into the program does not guarantee a spot. Once you're officially enrolled in the program you will be added to our private community page with other members participating in your program. 

Please note: Being Functional Nutrition reserves the right to accept or decline any client, without explanation.

Program Dates

August 2024 Key Dates

Aug 15: Get access to pre-program materials + Facebook group where there is endless support, wins, and meals posted by others in the group! Lab kits are mailed to your home.

Aug 29: Week 1 educational module released. The modules will be released every Thursday for the next 10 weeks.

Sep 4-Nov 6: Weekly shared nutrition appointment on zoom every Wednesday at 12pm ET. If you can’t attend live, we send out a recording the next day.

Sep 16-Sep 20: The group will complete ProLon, a 5 day fasting mimicking diet (we screen everyone to ensure safety. If it’s not a good fit for you, we will decide on a different plan).

Sep 24: You receive your recorded video from your dietitian explaining your lab results and personalized nutrition and supplement plan.

Nov 8: Graduation Zoom Call at 12pm ET.

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My Food is Health Overview

Our signature 10 week virtual group nutrition program is designed to help you lower inflammation, identify nutrient deficiencies, improve blood sugar balance, support gut health, and feel more confident. The program includes at home lab testing and an individual nutrition plan to identify YOUR personalized nutrition and supplement needs.

5 Key Components:
  1. A food as medicine roadmap
  2. Personalized nutrition based on your labs
  3. Holistic health
  4. Mindset coaching
  5. A supportive community
This unique approach delivers incredible results, including:
  • Significantly higher energy
  • Regular bowel movements & less bloating
  • Weight loss
  • Better mood, more calm
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Improved blood sugar & metabolic labs
  • Lower inflammation
  • Higher confidence & peace with food

We have had hundreds of people go through My Food is Health. Read through a few client experiences so that you can start to create a mindset of possibility:

Tracey B. (50 years old):

I have completely transformed how I think about food and what I eat. I feel so much more in control of what goes into my body. Besides losing 14 lbs, I also now have more regular bowel movements, bloating is gone, fewer cravings, decreased aches and pains and less heartburn. I now think about the foods that are going into my body and how they will make me feel!

Lizzie K. (40 years old):

I can't believe how much my symptoms have improved since starting My Food is Health. My stomach pain and bloating are better, I am no longer nauseous regularly, my joint pain is nearly gone, the swelling in my hands and feet is nearly gone, heartburn is better, the tingling in my hands and feet is way less frequent, and I'm able to eat larger quantities of food without feeling terrible. It reinforces that food truly is medicine and health also goes beyond just food.

Cat N. (31 years old):

I feel 9000% better since doing My Food is Health. I never realized how many of my adverse reactions were stemming from not treating my gut. I didn't even realize how good I could feel until I started making some of the food changes; the supplements especially have been a game changer. I have much better hormonal balance, better energy, better sleep, and no bloating or abdominal pain. This program was seriously life changing.

Reading these experiences is helping me develop a mindset around what is possible for me!

Program Cost

The cost of My Food is Health includes the nutrient deficiency testing, your personal nutrition and supplement plan created by your dietitian, for those participating in the fasting mimicking diet, all of your meals for week 3*, weekly modules with the proven strategies and methods Brigid has been using for 8 years, weekly shared nutrition coaching appointments, the daily group support in our private community, and direct messaging with your dietitian for 10 weeks. It's such an incredible value for everything that you get! 

FULL PAYMENT OPTION: $2,450 ($100 savings!)
PAYMENT PLAN OPTION: $850 for three months (total cost: $2,550)

Select your payment option

*Once accepted into the program our team of dietitians reviews your health history to determine whether it’s recommended for you to participate in a fasting mimicking diet

Cancellations and Refunds

You may withdraw your enrollment up until the program enrollment closes. If you withdraw you will be given a refund of any amount you’ve paid minus the 3% transaction fee, which is non-refundable. After this time, no refunds will be issued.