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Blood Sugar Reset: FAQs

by: Christina Palmisano  |  October 31, 2023


1. What Is The Blood Sugar Reset (BSR)?

The BSR is a 10-day program that includes

  • 10 days of nutrient-dense, blood sugar balancing meals that have all been tested on a continuous glucose monitor.
  • A detailed shopping list.
  • Daily instructions for meal prep.
  • A menu review kickoff call.
  • Daily educational Zoom meetings with the Being Functional Nutrition team.
  • Access to an incredibly supportive community.
  • A portal where you can easily access everything.

2. What Is Blood Sugar?

A blood sugar test tells you the amount of glucose in the bloodstream. When you eat carbohydrates, blood sugar (blood glucose) rises. The hormone insulin is released with the goal to efficiently bring blood sugar into cells to be used as energy.

Over time, consistently consuming a diet high in refined carbohydrates and concentrated sweets contributes to the development of insulin resistance. In the case of insulin resistance, more & more insulin has to be released to bring sugar into the cells and as a result, blood sugar remains elevated for longer. This is not optimal for health and can lead to the development of prediabetes & diabetes.

3. Why Should I Care About My Blood Sugar If I Don’t Have Diabetes?

Poor metabolic health and blood sugar imbalances are the largest drivers of chronic disease. According to the National Diabetes Statistic Report published by the CDC, at least 50% of adults in the United States have abnormal blood sugar levels and/or insulin resistance.

Insulin resistance is associated with an increased risk for various conditions, including cardiovascular disease, Alzheimers, PCOS, obesity and more. Avoiding chronic disease and insulin resistance aren’t the only reasons you should care about your blood sugar levels though. Blood sugar imbalance is a root cause of so many unfavorable symptoms you may be experiencing daily, like fatigue, mood imbalances, brain fog, cravings, sleep disturbances, hormone imbalances and SO much more!

4. What Can I Expect Out Of The BSR? Will I Lose Weight?

BSR participants have experienced SO many wins in just 10 days! These include, but aren’t limited to: 

  • More and stable energy
  • Improved sleep
  • Less cravings
  • Meal satiety
  • Mood stability
  • and yes, weight loss too!

Beyond symptom improvement, past participants complete the BSR with so much more clarity around the topic of blood sugar and nutrition and have the motivation to continue on a path towards health.

5. Is The BSR Just Recipes?

The BSR is SO much more than just recipes. The BSR includes access to an incredibly supportive virtual community, daily live and recorded calls packed with education related to blood sugar, nutrition, lifestyle habits, and more, and a portal that organizes all of this for easy and ongoing access. 

6. What If I Can’t Start On November 6?

No problem! The BSR can be started anytime. The benefits of nutrient-dense, blood sugar balancing recipes don’t start and stop when the BSR is live. These recipes are meant to inspire and guide you beyond the length of the program. Additionally, the BSR portal is there to support you with the recordings of the daily calls and you will have ongoing access to the Facebook community for additional support and information whenever you choose to start.

7. Is It Expensive?

The BSR is only $9.99, which means it will cost you just $1 each day! Your grocery bill may be a bit higher during the BSR because all of your meals for 10 days will be made at home, but keep in mind you will not have the additional costs of dining out or getting takeout food during this time. Additionally, many of the items you purchase on the BSR grocery list will last you well beyond the 10 days of the program. Plus, having steady blood sugar and fueling your body with optimal foods is priceless (BSR math!).

8. What If I Don’t Like One Of The Recipes? Can I Make Modifications?

If you don’t care for an item in a recipe, you can simply swap it out for an alternative you do like. We provide many recommendations for easy swaps! Additionally, you can also skip the meal entirely and replace it with another BSR meal that you do like.

9. Are The Recipes Keto? Can They Be Made Vegan Or Vegetarian?

No, the recipes are not keto; however, they are all low glycemic. Keto is a very high fat, low/moderate protein, and a very low carb plan. The BSR is a moderate fat, high protein, and low/moderate carb plan. If you follow a vegan or vegetarian diet, you can swap out animal-based protein for plant-based alternatives; however, if you have to do a lot of swaps, it can affect the efficacy of the program. We carefully design each meal and snack to support steady blood sugar and provide a balanced amount of macronutrients and micronutrients. 

10. What Do I Do After I Complete The BSR? Is This Plan Sustainable Long-Term?

After completing the BSR, we encourage you to continue to prioritize supporting blood sugar balance by eating low glycemic, nutrient-dense meals with lots of veggies, adequate protein, and about 1-2 servings of fat, like the BSR meals. If you are looking for more blood sugar balancing recipes, look no further than our meal planning platform, The Being Collective, that has hundreds of blood sugar balancing recipes. In the last 2.5 years Brigid & our team of dietitians have helped 20,000 people incorporate blood sugar balancing meals into their weeks to drastically improve their health. Our blood sugar balancing recipe formula helps really move the needle with your health and all recipes are also easy and delicious. We've compiled hundreds of blood sugar balancing recipes into our meal planning and coaching program, The Being Collective, to help you do the same. By joining The Being Collective, you'll create a weekly plan for you and/or your family (or use one of the pre-made plans created by Brigid & our dietitians) with recipes that are blood sugar balancing, an automated grocery list and a meal prep plan. You can filter based on your personal dietary needs too. The goal is to help you be more consistent but not have to put much thought into it. We'd love for you to join the community! However, because nutrition is not one size fits all, you may need to adjust the meals to your personal needs, which may mean adding in more carbs depending on your age, size and activity level or increasing the total quantity of food, too. If you feel you need more guidance, you can always join our My Food is Health group program or work with one of our dietitians one on one. 


A Couple Testimonials!

“I found the BSR by accident, scrolling through Facebook last November, after trying multiple other programs/diets unsuccessfully,  I was looking for something that showed me how to make good food choices, that used real food and was sustainable. I was shocked that by the third day of the program, I felt so much better. My joint pain was reduced, I had the first full night of sleep in a long time and my bathroom habits began to improve. By day 10 I realized that by working on balancing my blood sugar I had reduced the inflammation in my body that was apparently causing my joint pain, insomnia and fluctuating bowel habits because they were...GONE. The BSR helped me to understand that I can manage how I feel by making good food choices. I felt empowered.”

“Almost immediately I noticed no joint pain, more energy, and mood. These were immeasurable results that kept me going.”

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